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Being an artist in a time of pandemic

In a way, social distancing magnifies something I had already accepted was a part of my profession. However instead of being shocked by separation as many have been in these times, it feels like something I have been training to do for a long time. This is by no means an easy process: I've definitely had moments of unease.

Isolation just comes with the profession of artist: It's a part of the process. I've been known to get so engrossed in my studio that I tune the world out. I still see people. I have clients and I have students. If anything, I could say other artists are my colleagues but let's be honest, they rarely come out of their own studios. In a way, I think studio time alone makes the time I spend with my students and other people more meaningful.

Since isolation was already a part of my life, choosing isolation to be responsible and create social distancing during the time of Covid-19 has seemed mostly normal to me. The abnormalities come from not being able to teach or visit friends and family. Touch is really important in appreciating my work. I think a lot of people can relate to the strain that Covid-19 has had on touch. Contact being limited and social distancing encouraged has clearly become a challenge to many professions including mine.

I think we can all agree that artists don't fit the usual 9- 5 job demographic. As an artist, I've tried to practice a routine of creative time similar to a work schedule. It helps me create routine in a non-routine profession. Creativity is not something that you leave in the studio, it follows you out the door.

The last three years I have worked exclusively as a studio artist, which means that I get up and cross the yard to my little studio converted from a pool cabana room. As of late, being an artist to me means developing a body of work I am proud to call my own and pushing my technical skills so that I take the limiters away and create what I want instead of what I can.

Making the most of imperfect situations, getting creative to find resolution: Artists may not like it or want to admit it, but they know how to operate in circumstances like these.

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