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A P A R T is a foil, not to tell people what to do but to remind them how difficult it can be to recognize your part in a system.

As an interactive element in A P A R T, I utilized a wall in the gallery to create a physical barrier on one side of which I placed a pressure sensitive plate under a designed viewing mat. It was connected with electrical components that ran through the channels to my sculpture on the other side of the wall. When the viewer stepped on the "x marks the spot" mat it activated lights in my sculpture. Unless there was more than one person in the gallery it became impossible for the viewer activating the circuit to see the impact they made.
In this age of technology, full of wires and receivers, we often overlook our simple connection with the natural world. Technology has become a filter through which we interact with our surroundings, a security blanket covering up the unknown with its promise of information and certainty. T. S. Eliot asked in his poem The Rock," where is the knowledge we have lost in information?" If we live in a world without questioning the path in which things come to use, we may never truly understand how things connect around us.


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