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Nature is often viewed  as a thing of beauty and wonder.
Knot Natural ties this romantic view of nature to the bumper of our fast paced world.​

Analogies make it easier for us to accept that which we might otherwise deny or take for granted. We make light of situations to make them more bearable, tell stories that may stretch the truth for the sake of the moment, and  inadvertently create comparisons that help shed light on our own human nature.  This exhibition explores the idea of cohabitation  between mankind and nature by juxtaposing  wildlife and manufactured objects  of urban and suburban settings. I create visual analogies  in my work that help mankind and nature find  a common ground on which to exist. Many of the same forms and functions in our society mimic the natural world. By attributing human characteristics to non-human creatures, like a beaver working with a  chainsaw, these anthropomorphic figures create  the role reversal necessary for us to accept things about our own character and practices. This role reversal, which  is often utilized in folktales and fables, helps us to create the disconnect necessary  for us to participate as the audience in our own story.

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