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The Story:
This actually was a scary close encounter or at least it felt that way. When I was 18
years old my girlfriend and I were sitting in the car returning home from a movie
date. Before we even can open the door I spot small green and yellowish eyes
stalking me from 10 ft. away. With a closer look my girlfriend could tell it was a
possum. The first words out of her mouth was �I'm not getting out of this car until
you go run it off!� I looked at her crazy with full knowledge she was serious about
me chasing a possum, but it's my lady, so I make my way over and the possum
stands its ground. I'm nervous at this point wondering why, so I stopped. Next
thing I hear her yell from the house door saying, �Look it's three more!�
Long story short possums maybe the reason I am still single because I left my
girlfriend after and refused to get another one until she fights off a possum for me.

Portrait of a Story: Scapegoat

    • Food Safe
    • Dishwasher & Microwave safe
    • Avoid using steel wool
    • Take care to avoid harsh contact with metal objects which can lead to chips and cracking

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