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The Route of It All

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I have started a new project called, The Route of It All. This project was born out of the necessity of change to invigorate and stimulate new growth and development. I really began this project with my husband in 2019. We were discussing feeling stuck and what we wanted and needed in our lives to get free. The conversation went something like ... showing my work in other cities and states and doing trade shows is what I need to be doing for my art but that is really expensive. I could only afford to do three shows a year, tops. It felt more like spinning my wheels than getting somewhere. So I kept digging and thinking.

Inspired by the Artstream Nomadic Gallery, which is an Airstream renovated into a traveling gallery, I started thinking "Could I travel to shows and bring my own work and place to stay?"

The Art Stream is set up to transport work of various artists to different cities and be a mobile gallery.
Art Stream Gallery always draws a crowd!

There are some rather large expenses involved in showing your artwork in galleries and trade shows. Travel being one of the biggest expenses. This got me thinking, what if you didn't have to travel back from shows, just to them? Thus the idea was born to travel across the country and go nomadic. It's a bit more complicated than that, but for your sake I've simplified it. It's challenging to uproot your life and make all of the changes necessary to go nomadic. This process of trading in our more traditional sticks and bricks lifestyle to travel the open road in an RV takes time and it's definitely been worth it. 

We recently accomplished one of the first big steps into going nomadic, buying a home on wheels! The Route of It All involves me diving deep into videography and I am loving it!

Come along for this life changing adventure and see how my art changes on the road.

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