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Every Leaf Unturned

Each year my fig tree reminds me that second glances are important.

Fig season is a magical week or two out of the year, usually early July.

Celeste figs in wood-fired vessel by Leigh Bancroft

For the last couple of seasons I've been using this beautiful wood-fired form made by a good friend, Leigh Bancroft, to collect figs. The dish beautifully rests in the crook of my arm and holds just the right amount to cradle the bounty the tree yields each day. I've never felt more like a goddess then when I'm circling around the base of my fig tree hunting for each ripe fig with this form in my hands.

The hunt never lasts more than ten minutes; but since picking only happens one to two weeks a year, every year I have to retrain myself. I've been picking from this tree for years, and as many who pick fruit of one form or another with any regularity know, the leaves of fruit trees or bushes deceptively hide a good portion of the fruit. The more I pick the better I get at spotting them. It's all about the angle of your approach. Just taking one step forward or back makes all the difference in spotting the ripened fruit. You'd think it'd be easy to see them since they are a strong contrast to the green leaves, but the leaves give them shelter and shade and obscurity from wandering eyes or beaks. Like I mentioned before, every year my fig tree reminds me that second glances are important. Move away from anything too quickly : a person, a task, a piece in the studio, or even a fig tree and you may miss out on what it truly has to offer.

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