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2020 Vision: The Route of It All

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Over the last few years I have taught community clay, worked in my home studio, and fired with various communities doing atmospheric firings. While these have brought me great joy,

it made me realize that as an artist one of the most important things is to keep pushing your work: in content, craft, and engagement. For these reasons over the last year I have been contemplating a change.

At first, I contemplated residencies and trade shows but then I started to add up how travel costs would interfere with my creative time and business. It didn't add up, which got me thinking about travel options. One of the biggest expenses was hotels. Inspired by the Artstream Nomadic Gallery, which is an Airstream renovated into a traveling gallery, I started thinking "Could I travel to shows and bring my own gallery and place to stay?" The other large expense in travel is the act of going to and from a place. This got me thinking, what if you didn't have to travel back from shows, just to them? Thus the idea was born to travel across the country with my husband, dog and cat. We are currently in the process of downsizing our sticks and bricks home and studio to go mobile in a travel RV.

Also, We started an arts and adventure Youtube channel called, The Route of It All.

This channel will serve as a way to follow my growth as an artist and our adventures as a family.

We are not minimalists by any means but it has already been a liberating experience to go through all of our belongings and sort them in the "let go," "coming with us," and "to be stored" categories. We are being ruthless in these categories since we do not want to rent a large storage unit. I have a substantial art collection and my husband has a tool collection and those items will be stored to be retrieved at some later date.

It's challenging to uproot your life and make all of the changes necessary to live a more purposeful and nomadic lifestyle. It feels like it may take a while longer before we can actually drive away but I know that the real journey of growth has already begun.

I could use your help downsizing my inventory for this journey.

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